Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reuse Glass Jars...50 times over

Spring is here... I think:) Haven't really felt it too much yet but I'm patient... and that only means the long summer nights are sure to follow. While blog-stalking one of my favorite blogs this morning, Under the Table and Dreaming, I found Stephanie Lynn's post on 50 Ways to Reuse glass jars. I'm sure I will be able to use a few ideas and make those summer nights even more enjoyable... This post is definitely a keeper and a must have in my "favorites" list. Below are just a few pictures from her post, but be sure and check out her entire post... you won't be disappointed, but you will probably be a little inspired!

Aw... all so beautiful and so many more a Under the Table and Dreaming... be sure to check them out. (Please note the above photos are from the original post by Stephanie Lynn, and to see where to find each one and give proper credit to their authors check it out.)

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