Saturday, April 28, 2012

More flipping progress...

This is a long overdue post and for that I am sorry!  My excuse list is a mile long so I won't even start... Below are helpers #3 and 4... this particular day they were Star Wars Cowboys/ Fix-It men... they spent most of the day repairing their playhouse window.
 The children were in the house and each asked for a piece of tape as Carrie and I were taping off doors and what not.  Once or twice I gave each kid a piece or two of tape.... then our entire roll disappeared... I figured I just misplaced it.  Later on that same day I went out to get something from the garage and noticed the below "repair" to the playhouse window.  The kids were so proud stating, "We fixed IT!"  Too funny!

 Below is Ali... she was so excited they "fixed" the window.
 For Carrie's 30th "birthday" we had a painting party.  I am usually the spray gun operator but I could tell Jacci was dying to get her hands on it... because we were spraying ceilings I warned her to put the paint suit on and cover her hair with something.  When I came back with the camera I almost peed when I saw the tin foil hat she had made for herself.
 Just an FYI... Jacci is darn good help!!!  She sprayed every ceiling in the house... once she got all suited up of course:)
 Below you can see the kitchen is coming along.  Counter tops and sink are in.  Flooring is half done...
 Love the bead board in the bathroom.
 The living room needed a little bead board too...oh and new carpet and trim... AMEN!
 Our "electrician" AKA Carrie's hubby- a jack of all trades:)
Windows coming next week... I will try very hard to post more updates soon. Click HERE for previous flip posts.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mother's Day Subway Art... Again!

Last year my Mother's Day Subway art had just under 5000 page views.... since it was such a hit I thought I would repost to make it easy to find... well, that, and... I don't have any new material due to my little house flipping project.   You can check out the progress by clicking HERE. I think I like the gray with pink accents the best.
Have fun with these and Happy Mother's Day!

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