Monday, November 28, 2011

Hanging Dress Hair Bow Holder Tutorial

I love little girls and all things girl.  It is so much fun to put fancy stuff in their hair and doll them all up in super cute duds.  I love decorating little girl rooms, and painting toes, and little girl photos, and dollies... AND thank goodness b/c I have three!  Below is a super long tutorial on how to make this cute hair barrette and clip holder.  It is a great addition to any little angel's room with a crazy OCD organize-happy freaky mom like me!

-8 x 11 piece of cardboard
- 15 x15 piece and 5 x 14 of cotton fabric and 15 x 15 piece of batting
- two coordinating pieces of ribbon at least 40 inches long each
-1.5- 2 yards of matching tulle (I used two colors @ 1.5 yards each)
- 4 old stud earrings
-hot glue and gun
-minimal sewing skills and sewing machine with matching thread
-4 straight pins
-download THIS pattern

 For a great fabric flower tutorial click HERE!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Super Personal and Inexpensive baby or wedding gift

I know I have posted this before but sometimes I'm just so tickled (don't you love that word... tickled... my grandmother used it all the time) with myself that I can't help it. I love to give personal and unique gifts, if I have time, I also love gifting things I've made... just makes me feel good.
I didn't invent typography or word art but I do LOVE it and therefore I can blog about it.  Below you'll see the latest wedding gift I made and framed.  So cute!
Make this gift super inexpensive by painting thrift store frames or repurposing any old frame you have from... possibly your own wedding:)  Isn't regifting tacky??? Nahhh... just don't tell!
Have fun with these.  If you don't think you know how to create your own then visit my ETSY store and I'll help you out.  Below are just a few more like this:)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mod Podge Clothespins and Photo Board Tutorial

 I love pictures... taking them, editing them, and of course displaying them.  In an effort to make something I can change frequently and still adds style to my little home, I came up with this.... READ ON:) 

Speaking of pictures... the above photo of my photo board sucks!... but you get the point.
 To create adorable little fancy clothespins you'll need some clothespins, mod podge, scrapbook paper cut to size and a tiny piece of sandpaper.
 Cut your scrap book pieces approximately the same size as the clothespin.
 Coat the top of the clothespin with a thin layer of Mod Podge and then apply the paper. 
 Once you have covered all of them, take your sand paper and using a downward brush stroking motion, rough up all the edges. 
 Next you'll rub the edges of the clothespins in the distress ink to your liking... I like lots of distress ink. 
 I also did some on the plain side and all the edges of the clothespins.
 Above is my frame with chicken wire stapled to the back of it. 
 It was cute.... but.... it seemed a little plain.
 So I took some fabric and stapled that behind the chicken wire.
 I love the clothespins and the chicken wire with fabric.
 It was exactly what I was trying to create.
 I also distressed the frame a little with sandpaper and distress ink. (btw... Hobby Lobby sells that stuff)
It definitely stands out in my little tiny red kitchen and dining room. 
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