Friday, March 22, 2013

509 Broadway
There is a reason I haven't posted on my blog in eons:)
Check out this super cute spring dress just in time for Easter!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pictures of a Beautiful Rustic Country Wedding

Before I dive into the pictures of the most beautiful country style wedding I have ever been to I am going to throw myself over the arm of the chair and pout ...
Our small little town doesn't have a beautiful old barn, or outdoor dance pavilion, or vineyard, or anything except wide open space and a 4-H building at the fairgrounds... with that being said the last wedding reception I attended there was absolutely beautiful and enchanting.  If I had a do-over it would look like the below photos...
Once I saw the decor at this wedding reception I knew I wanted to blog about it because it was just so freakin cool.  So like an idiot I hauled my camera over to the 4-H building and began snapping pictures like a crazy bridezilla-to-be (even though I am happily married.)  The rest of the friends and family were actually at the wedding celebrating with the bride and groom during this time... (the thing is, with my 4 kids, no one really wanted to see or hear our clan at the wedding anyhow)

Anyhow... onto the good stuff.  Check out the head table... where to begin?  The doors, the wreath, the lace and burlap... love it ALL! 

  Just an amazing idea... an old ladder, twine, mason jars, and candles 

 Simple details were so fun like this old chair with black lace around the edge.

 Cowboy wine glasses... some say redneck glasses?

 Wagon wheel chandelier with mason jars and silverware hung above the cake table.
 I wish I would have gotten a picture of the cake on the table, but I didn't want to look like the freak that I am and haul my camera to the actual reception:)
 Another simple and elegant detail... doilies on burlap.
Super country table centerpieces
 Fun old items to decorate the buffet table because good luck finding people to serve a sit-down dinner is small town USA.
Insulators with candles (battery-operated candle)
What a cute little sign and it has the wedding date.
 An old suitcase on the gift table for cards.
 Check out the over-sized spool with lace for a card table/gift table.
 Bottles with wedding pictures of both the bride and grooms' family members decorate the welcome table.
 Meet the Happy Couple... Brock and Lana
Engagement pictures in a Nebraska corn field. (photo by Pages of Time)
 What a great wedding!!! (photo below by Ann Miller)