Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baby B and Ellie... and a few Reeves'

Monday, January 30, 2012

House Flip Post #4

We ARE making progress even though it doesn't quite look like much has changed.  For whatever reason Carrie and I haven't asked our husbands for help either.  It isn't that we refuse to ask them... we just want to Do It Ourselves... and with that said, we certainly got our fair share of that.  We demo-ed the rest of things that needed demo-ing and made some significant progress while we were left home alone all weekend with the 7 kids.  The guys went snowmobiling and we decided to be as productive as possible with all our little ones assisting as you can see in the photos below:) 
 Above is the dump truck we filled.  This is our third load of junk!
 I was using the counter top as my completed list... but then, it too came out!
 With our demo efforts we quickly also became electricians and plumbers...
 The good news is we didn't electrocute ourselves or flood the place.
 These pictures show the lovely living room carpet.  It was completely glued to this crappy Masonite board stuff that was nailed to the original wood floors that are over 100 years old!
 Getting this carpet up took nearly 6 hours, 2 grown women, a few small children, a crow bar, two hammers, a sawzall, several Bud Lights, and way too many curse words!
 The floors underneath are really cool and old but beyond repairing for this Flip.
 Aren't our little helpers cute when they are hard at work!
It was super cute that they too needed work gloves on!  Parker's gloves (far right) are mis-matched mittens:)
That is all for now... we are feeling great about our progress and should be breaking the paint sprayer out of the box soon which is going to be AWESOME!
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentine's Day Mantle

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If you missed my guest post at At Home with K yesterday then you are in luck because it is right here today!!!  I am taking part in Kindra's Be Mine Bonanza Event and did the below tutorial for the occasion...  If you are in the market for a new camera strap cover check out my giveaway HERE!


I just love decorating with RED!  This love for red dates back to high school when I had scary and an embarrassing obsession with ladybugs. (you should see my senior pictures... I might as well have been wearing a giant Mickey Mouse sweatshirt... seriously, I look that immature)  Fortunately, I grew out of the ladybug phase, but still love red and that makes Valentine's Day extra fun to decorate for.
Valentine's Day is so fun.  I created a Free Printable and especially love the "1 Corinthians 13:13" line that I embedded in the print.
Above you can see the faux red topiary... read on to see the "how to"
You will need a Styrofoam ball, red felt, scissors, straight pins, and a little bit of time... hence the beer:)... btw... Yes I do know in one picture I reference the Bible and then in the next picture there is a beer... It is Not a sin to have a beer people!
Trace around a cup or something to make a circle pattern on your felt.  Then take your pattern and stack your felt 6 high, at least... hopefully your fabric shears are sharp.  Cut approximately one bajillion circles... haha each topiary was about 1/4 yard of red felt.
To create your "petals" begin by folding a felt circle in half.
then you are going to bring in one-third of it
fold in the other one-third
next stick a straight pin through the corner
stick that sucker in your Styrofoam ball and continue
leave a circular bare spot for the ball to rest on a candlestick.  You could also stick a dowel into the ball and create a slightly different look.  I like the candlesticks... which were wedding gifts that I never knew what to do with because I'm not that fancy, but I love the look with the felt topiaries!
Up Close!
So Pretty!
The printable link is below.
Another use for this technique is to get a Styrofoam heart and create a wreath.
Happy Valentine's Day from Ladycrafter14!!!
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentine Giveaway..... say what?

In the spirit of Valenine's Day approaching and this week, on Wednesday to be exact, I will be guest posting on Kindra's blog, At Home with K, for her second annual Be Mine Bonanza Event, there is going to be a giveaway!  This is only my second guest post ever, and Valentine's day is coming up, and I want to promote my Etsy store, and I make these super cute ruffled camera strap covers, and ... you get the point.

One lucky reader will get their choice of a ruffled camera strap cover from my Etsy store.  To enter the giveaway all you have to do is become a Ladycrafter14 follower and leave a comment as to which strap cover you can't live without!  The winner will be announced on February 14th!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Be Mine Bonanza Event... Fun Fun Fun!!!

This week is a little bit exciting!  I have the pleasure of guest posting on Kindra's blog "At Home With K" for her 2nd annual Be Mine Bonanza Event.  The event is featuring guest bloggers and their Valentine related crafts.  I will be her guest on January 25 so mark your calendar and hop over there for a visit.
Check her out each day this week to see a new blogger and new idea!
The Event Started Yesterday... so what are you waiting for???

I had a ton of fun with my post and here is just a little preview of what I'm going to share:)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Personalized Valentine's...so cute and so easy!

Okay so I didn't come up with the idea on my own... however I did take credit for being soooo "creative" and "crafty."  Last year the kids sported super fun Valentine's.  At the bottom of this post are a few tips on creating your own.

Last year I did these really last minute, and still they were adorable.  Start by taking several photos of your child holding their hand out in a fist.  Make sure they get it away from their face a little.  Next you will need some sort of photo editing software so you can crop your photo and apply text.  I recommend downloading.Picasa if you don't have one.  It is free and very user friendly.
Crop your photo and apply text if you so wish.  Then upload to a photo printing service that offers wallets.  I ordered a few extra and sent to Great Grandmas and such.
I just used a knife and slit little holes in the photo at the top and bottom of each child's hand.  Then slide the sucker through.  You could also give pencils, pixie sticks, balloons... you name it!  So fun!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Won't you be my Valentine strap cover...

I'm gearing up for Valentine's Day... and to kick things off I have added a few new strap covers to my Etsy Shop.  The black and white heart print is super cute!  Check em out!!!
Come back next week for a few of my Valentine related posts and on the 25th of this month I'll be guest posting over at "At Home with K"
She is another Nebraska blogger with an awesome blog! 
No need to mark your calendar... I'll be posting reminders!