Thursday, October 20, 2011

Take better photos with kitchen supplies

I must admit that I used to be cheap and tried to take my own "professional" pictures. Unfortunately for my husband and my bank account I'm not all that cheap anymore, but the good news is I have an, "I can do that(about everything)" complex... so I'm still attempting to take my own "professional" pictures.  The below picture is straight out of my camera.  No edits, nothing, nada!
 How to???
  • freezer paper
  • tape
  • tin foil
  • cookie sheet or cutting board
Instructions:Cover a cookie sheet or cutting board or cardboard with tin foil.  This will be your light reflector.  In a big window or patio door tape up a long sheet of freezer paper.  Position your photo subject on the paper with the diffused light shining in.  Use your "reflector" to bounce more light onto the subject.  Get as close to the subject as you can with both the reflector and your camera.
 Below I used one of my fall decor items to hold up my "reflector."
 God Bless America... now I can take beautiful pictures of all the crap I'm selling on Etsy:)
Above is one of the ruffled camera strap covers I photographed using this same technique.  If you don't Pinterest then you will think I'm some sort of genius.  If you do... you may have viewed another "helping tutorial" at Handmade Spark which is where the idea/inspiration for this post came from.

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Marilyn said...

This is a really awesome ..Amazing info.. Love it :)) Officially following ya with smiles..Lovely creative blog you have here..Found you over at weekend wrap up...I'm Marilyn and would LOVE for you to stop in and visit sometime.. -- Wishing you a lovely weekend..

Tanya said...

Thank you for sharing this. I can always use help taking better pictures. It is so hard in my house, so many trees there is no natural light that comes in.

Janel@hatingmartha said...

Thanks for the tips! I have extra limited budgeting issues. This is a great solution!

Diane said...

Those cute painted baby toes made me giggle! Thanks for sharing this tip!

Christine said...

This is such a good idea! I have been struggling with taking better pictures.

Christine @ Projects Around the House

Janel@hatingmartha said...

Featuring these great tips on tomorrows post over at Hating Martha! Just great stuff!