Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby Slings and Things!

Wondering where all the posts are???
Me too... but I have been busy and I have decided that since Christmas is coming and I love creating I am  re-opening my Etsy Store and I am selling a couple things that I have made.  Please note that some things I'll probably make as they are ordered and therefore things may take more than a week to ship, but if you have ever shopped Zulily that will seem super  Below is a preview of the things the Shop offers. 
I made my sister-in-law model for me last week and little Millie too.  Amber could definitely be a model!
The slings are custom made to fit.
Another thing in the store are these cute ruffled DSLR camera strap covers.  The perfect gift for the family photographer. (haven't listed these yet but they are coming this week)

I have custom prints and typography gifts.. 

Photo editing for a fee is another service of my Etsy Shop.

Another thing added this week are these adorable tie onesies available in several prints. (coming this week)

There you have preview of what I'm up to and so enjoy browsing my now up and running Etsy store!

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