Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tearing into things! The flipperuski post #3

First things first, the ceiling in bedroom #2 is now hole-free.  For whatever reason at some point many years ago people decided to hang false ceilings.... why I must ask???  Anyhow, to our advantage the ceiling in bedroom number 2 is/was false and therefore was drywall.  Pretty easy fix... hang new drywall.  Which is done!  Now for the taping and mudding part....blahhhhck!
 Before #1
Before #2
Above is the after!

Unfortunately there wasn't a super awesome flag pole story to tell this week or anything like that.  In fact really little progress to report except that Carrie and her family survived the stomach flu.  Our family survived the stomach... (I barely did, gosh I hate puking)  Carrie and her family spent a week in Georgia.  I had stupid stinking hammer toe surgery....ewwwww! (Pictures below since I'm a nurse and a storyteller)
Progress is about to take off shortly though!  I think I'm out of excuses, so we better just get to work!  Christmas break is almost here and that means we have babysitters!!!  Stay tuned for more...

So above is basically what my toe used to look like.  I luckily didn't have a real bone deformity... just an extremely tight extensor tendon of my second toe.  The toe rubs and bears weight in an abnormal way and causes discomfort and pain.  Mine wasn't awful but I had hit my deductible this year already so I HAD to get this taken care of:) Don't worry I'll take after pictures of my pretty little toe once the sutures are gone!!!  oh... you are all very welcome for this mornings Anatomy lesson.

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