Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Best of 2011

I started this lovely little blog early this year and created 98 different posts.  My hope is that at least 10 of them may have had some valid/usable ideas.  Based on number of clicks and overall popularity with my followers and friends here are the best posts of 2011

The butterfly pillow tutorial was my very first feature on a few big time blogs.
 The pasta recipe from the Pioneer Woman is a huge hit at my house and it is the best comfort food EVER!  I posted lots of family favorites under my recipes tab.
 Thanks to Pinterest my flower ball tutorial has been viewed more than 3000 times.
 The most popular post I have to date is my Mother's Day Subway art with 3000 views and 2500 downloads....crazy!
 My funky polka dot pots are just plain cute... but make me really hate that spring is so far away.
 This year I was blessed to become the mother of 4 healthy babies.  I did a birth announcement using shirts I created for the kids.
 Making my own Salt Scrub was a treat especially to my feet!
 Speaking of feet... how cute is the "Friendly Reminder" post I did...
 These wooden pumpkins were quite the stars in blogland as well.  They were featured many times and they were super easy to create!
 My last success of 2011 was my Etsy store. It started to take off with the Holiday rush creating close to 30 sales.  Below is one of the custom print styles for sale.
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  2011 blessed me so many times over and I hope to make 2012 even better.
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