Friday, November 11, 2011

Decreasing Property Value... already!!!

I had a total dipstick moment already and haven't even owned the property for a week.  (btw... I'm only posting this to give my mother-in-law and sister-in-law a good laugh)  I went to Menards and purchased a bunch of crap to get started.  Since the yard is such a dump, I decided to save myself a few steps and back right up to the front door to unload... genius!  Well when it was time to pull off the grass I didn't quite have clearance to make it under the cottonwood tree so I had to back up a little.  That is when I felt a little jolt and heard a thud... yep, I did it!  I backed into the *#$& flagpole.   Isn't it pretty at a 45 degree angle? 
In an effort to hide this foolishness from my loving but sometimes-not-so-understanding husband, I fixed it quick myself.... right after I took pictures for the world's amusement of course!
 So below is the mark it left on the bumper.
 I rubbed it out with Windex... not too bad right?
 Good news... I have redneck roots and I'm not afraid to do-it-myself... especially if it saves me a lot of explaining with my husband.... (btw... yes he will probably read this blog post and hopefully by the time he does it will be a laughable situation.)  anyhow... I went to the shed, cut the rope off my children's sled and ran back across the street.  I tied the rope on my hitch and gently straightened that pole back into its original glory.  No harm, no foul!
Phew... my "partner" was quite proud!  Actually Carrie and I need a new word for our business relationship.  When we say, "my friend and I have this house..." it sounds really immature so, I tried saying, "my partner and I have this..." but ya know I have this homo-phobic complex which makes me feel like a complete lesbian for saying that.... anyhow... not sure what to call us?  My "business partner"  feels too formal for sure, considering I wipe her sons butt regularly and she does the same for my kids... so unless we figure out what to call each other professionally we'll probably keep saying "partner" and that will be followed by an uncomfortable and thorough explanation of our heterosexual preferences.


The Farmer's Wife said...

Too funny!!! I had a similar experience involving the mailbox and a riding lawn mower....LOL!!!

Real Life Reslers said...

oh dear......definitely sounds like one of my smooth moves lol

Analog Girl said...

Thanks for sharing. Laughter is truly the best medicine and we all have moments like this!