Sunday, April 3, 2011

{Ultimate Blog Party 2011}

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Just for the record I had to google "UBP blog" and figure out what in the world everyone was talking about. I saw several comments that posted stuff like, "just hopping over from the UBP" and had no idea what I was missing... what a cool thing! Wow... had to join the party:)

About me and ladycrafter14... to start with I love to use three periods in a row (...) when typing about anything, maybe too much? I recently found these { } symbols on my keyboard... had no idea they were there:) Okay seriously... I am a most-of-the time stay at home mother to almost four children. I say most of the time because I'm a Registered Nurse and still work 1-2 times per month. I love staying at home and being "Mommy." I only discovered blogging within the last two-three months. I might have an addiction? I love DIY projects, cooking, photography, and more than anything my hunky hubby and our sweet little angels! This blog is some form of expression I guess... We are raising our family in a very rural area and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Above is my baby bump... growing by the minute:) My hunky hubby and I ... Oh... the sweet little angels... this is my very favorite Christmas card so far... Last few things I Will Share with the UBP... I am living out my childhood horse-owning fantasies through my 6-year old. I love LOVE Country Music and I interrupt people frequently and spew out random thoughts and that is probably enough... oh and I'm really cranky pregnant!!! Thanks for checking me out:) Check everyone else out at.... Ultimate Blog Party 2011


Kindra-At Home With K said...

Hi! I'm visiting from UBP. Love your blog and projects! I love to decorate and create as well. Hope you can swing by sometime. Have a great weekend!

Kristina said...

Here from the party! :)

That Christmas card is ADORABLE! I may steal the idea. Your blog is cute, and I'm going to keep reading!

Dana Dawn Calverette said...

Visiting from the UBP. LOVE the Christmas card!

Rachael C said...

Love the baby bump!! And your blog Tiffany!

Anonymous said...

Came over for the UBP. So glad I did -- my number (in soccer) was 14 too! And I do crafts, recipes and sometimes kids on my blog. Will definitely be trying some of your crafts and recipes. Thanks for sharing!