Thursday, April 21, 2011

Boy Room Remodel

We are expecting baby number 4 sooner than later... Assuming that we would have to bunk a couple kids I asked my husband if he would build bunks and instead he said, "Nah... I think we'll just add another room in the basement, each kid needs their own room"
Uh...okay that definitely caught me off-guard but I certainly wasn't going to argue with his "idea." Anyhow it turned out lovely...
I wanted to use a green decor because I thought I would accessorize with John Deere tractors. I found this lovely camo set at JoJo Designs... super cute. The headboard is 100% Walnut, made by my husband's grandfather, as was the bedside table. (it is actually a cedar chest too) yes, I know... we are so spoiled:)

I did a little of my own art with the "boy" print... you can download one from the link below.

This piece was a fun little project. Those are Walmart wooden letters, painted with a glossy black. I took an unattractive country print and glued burlap right to the glass with Tacky Glue. Then with the glue I glued the letters on, let it dry overnight and wahlah.

Love Tacky Glue!!!

Another cute accent I did was I used little army dudes inside this Ball Jar. I attached a screw-on light bulb fixture with cord (Hobby Lobby is where I would look for one of these) I happen to have one in my craft supplies from years ago. Then I covered a blah shade with green fabric and trimmed it in chocolate ribbon.

I must say... I'm pretty proud of this closet... I put the organizer together myself! Took me an entire freakin' day but I did it. I even had to use the hubby's grinder to cut off one end of the top rack. It was a lovely sight... me, preggo, flip flops, saw horses, clamps, power-tool, sparks, but I did wear safety glasses.

Also, please note the John Deere Tractors on the top shelf:) Some accessory huh? I guess they accessorize the closet for now:)

I'm very excited to have this new space and so is the boy! The paint color was
Doughty from True Value.

Below is the link for this lovely piece of art, by me:)

Click Here for the free printable
Hopefully soon I will get a few more of our remodel/makeover pictures up:)

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The Starr Family said...

Adorable... and I'm certain your son will thoroughly enjoy (throw his toys all around) it :)

Sharon said...

I love it! I know my boys would love a room like this(two of ours have to room together)

Becky said...

I love it! You are very talented!

Anonymous said...

His room turned out great! You did a wonderful job and I am sure he loves it!

The Autocrat: Haley said...

way cute! You did a great job!