Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Flower Kid Craft Tutorial

I saw this adorable craft on the BHG website a few weeks ago and Eli and I decided to give it a try this afternoon while the little ones were napping:) So easy and cute... here is what you need

1. Several empty toilet paper rolls (not hard to come by around here:)
2. BBQ skewers
3. Tissue Paper
4. Paint and brushes
5. Hot glue
5. Scissors, pen
6. Green cardstock or construction paper
7. Piece of foam (helps if you don't paint the skewers ahead of time)
Draw horizontal lines every 1/2 inch or so across the roll and then guestimate the center and draw and 1/2 inch circle there

Cut each line up to the ring in the middle... do not cut all the way through

Bend each cut toward the center... do this for both sides

Your sweet TP flowers should look like this...

Hot glue the "flaps" or pedals from each side to one another

Kinda looks like a sun...

Poke the BBQ skewer through the center and put a dab of hot glue at each end to keep it from spinning...
Also take a little green cardstock and give it a little dimension with different greens to make leaves

Turn the kids loose with paint of their choice of course...

After the paint is mostly dry, crumble up little pieces of tissue paper and glue them in the center of the flower...

Using the foam for balance.... paint the stems green and allow to dry... then hot glue the leaves on each flower... and there you have it... ADORABLE

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