Saturday, February 26, 2011

Diet Black Bean Turkey Chili

Diet Black Bean Turkey Chili

Diet Black Bean Turkey Chili
This is quite the bowl of soup if you are looking for a filling low calorie soup. I hate the word diet but I usually consume a lot of this if I am dieting:) I have even served it to my husband and he didn't know I used turkey instead of beef!!!

-1 pound of lean ground turkey
-1 small onion diced
- 1 can of black beans
- 1 can of chili beans
- 1 can of dark red kidney beans
- 1 can of diced tomatoes for chili
- 1 can of whole kernal corn
- 1 tsp black pepper
- 1.5 tsp salt
- 2-3 tbsp chili powder
- 1-2 tbsp tabasco sauce
- 1-3 packets of Equal or other artificial sweetner

*Brown the turkey and onion in a medium size soup pot. Once the turkey is cooked add the rest of the ingredients, drain nothing, and bring to a boil. Simmer at least 30 minutes before serving. I like chili sweet. I think the spicy tabasco and sweetness of the sweetner make a great flavor combination. If you don't like things too sweet then try it without and add from there. Serve with 1 tbsp. fat-free sour cream on top and there you have it... a filling, yummy soup for right at 200 calories per serving. Team it up with a diet coke and you will be in heaven and won't even know it is "diet food." Serves 4-6.

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