Friday, September 9, 2011

Me and My Friend PaintShop Pro...

If it isn't bad enough that I'm already addicted to blogging... now I'm addicted to Pinterest. Last week while wasting massive amounts of time I found great camera and Photoshop techniques. Most of the things I looked at can be found HERE. After sorta kinda maybe figuring a few things out on my camera I switched gears and started looking for ways to improve my editing. I have a program called PaintShop Pro and it is very similar to Photoshop only better. After wasting yet another afternoon on youtube searching tutorials... I learned a ton, so I decided to test drive my new finds on my friend Carrie's poor little guinea pig children. I ended up taking 346 pictures and editing around 35 of them. Here is a preview... I just love the feet... oldest to youngest left to right.
I'm not yet a master at making the eyes sparkle, but I can make them change colors:)
Isn't he the cutest! Great thrift store prop and it was already blue:)

Saw this technique of slowing down the shutter speed and thought it turned out pretty cool... those are her brothers on the merry-go-round in the background moving.

Tried to make the eyes pop... maybe too much? I think they are beautiful.

Loving the frame... still haven't mastered the vignette thing but I'm getting there.

Now the above photo was a fluke... this was the very first pic I took of the evening... I applied a glamour technique and wah lah... beautiful and innocent.

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